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Marigold's Tale Challenge 37

Feb. 11th, 2007

06:09 pm - Wizards by Elanor Silmarien

A very special visitor to the Shire tells Sam something he just can't believe...

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Feb. 5th, 2007

01:55 pm - Not Since the Days of the Last King by Elemmírë

An ancient Dwarven custom is revealed at the court of King Elessar...

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Feb. 4th, 2007

10:42 am - Benevolence for a Weary Heart by Pippinfan

A weary, lonely watchman passes through the Buckland gate and finds kindness in unexpected places...

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10:41 am - Cultural Exchanges In Gondor by Llinos and Marigold

The hobbits come across some unexpected things during their stay in Gondor...

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10:27 am - A Cat of a Different Colour by Cathleen

The Fellowship learns about a mystical Gondorian legend...

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10:24 am - A Kingly Discussion by GamgeeFest

A very pleased Gaffer holds forth at The Ivy Bush...

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10:18 am - Hidden Strength by Slightly Tookish

Pippin comes across Gimli in Rivendell, and both of them learn a few things...

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10:12 am - Among The Rohirrim by Gryffinjack

On the way to the Muster at Dunharrow, Merry finds he is not the only one who can't sleep...

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09:53 am - Son of Gondor by PipMer

Merry and Pippin seek distraction in Minas Tirith...

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09:40 am - Eucatastrophe: The Return, Part Two by Dreamflower

A return home, and a new and less perilous adventure awaits Frodo and his cousins. Part One appeared in talechallenge36...

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